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Providing Care for Asylum Seekers

At Wembley Park Medical Centre, we understand the unique healthcare needs of asylum seekers and are committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive, and culturally sensitive care to all individuals within our community. We are dedicated to serving asylum seekers and our services are tailored to meet the specific requirements including swift registration, assessments, treatments, and referrals.

Collaborating with The Holiday Inn, Wembley

  • Timely Registration: Within 5 working days of your arrival at the hotel, the support team will help you to register with us.
  • Face-to-Face Healthcare Assessment: You will be invited to attend a blood test, height and weight check, blood pressure review, offered a chaperoned physical examination and consultation to explore your physical health, mental health, medications, and future screening and vaccination plans.
  • You can access free advice, medication and prescriptions for minor conditions from your local pharmacy such as a sore throat, ear ache, sinusitis and more. Read here for more information about this scheme.
  • Our Social prescribers can connects you to activities, groups, and services that contribute to the practical, social and emotional needs affecting you health and wellbeing.
  • Our Interpreter services cover over 40 languages including Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish Sorani, Punjabi, Russian, Turkish and Urdu
  • On-Site Workshops: We run health and wellbeing workshops at The Holiday Inn, with schools, dentists, pharmacists, charities and wellbeing professionals.
  • Prescription Services: We issue free prescriptions including over the counter medicines for self-care
  • Referrals and Onward Care: We facilitate referrals to hospitals and community centres
  • Safeguarding: We identify and address safeguarding issues including female genital mutilation, Modern Slavery, and other vulnerabilities such as COVID-19, TB, Hepatitis B and C and HIV
  • Immunisation: We offer catch-up to the UK Immunisation Schedule for all Service Users, ensuring they are protected against preventable diseases.
  • We are a Safe Surgery and have had support from Doctors of the World to ensure our staff are well-equipped to support you.
  • We are sadly unable to write letters to the Home office or about the hotel catering however we can provide you with a medical summary or full medical record to support your applications and our social prescribers can provide ongoing support

We know many asylum seekers have experienced emotional trauma and physical injuries. We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the care and support you deserve. Our team is committed to upholding the highest standards of healthcare delivery, promoting inclusivity, and advocating for the well-being of all individuals within our community.

Download the NHS App to complete online consultations, access your record and view results.

If you would like to book an appointment for a new patient assessment or for any ongoing health and care needs:

If you can not complete an online consultation and are struggling to get through on our phoneline or the practice is closed and need medical advice please ring 111.

Other services who can help with your health and care needs

Brent Health Matters have a support and advice line 020 8102 3456 open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Brent Cove have a walk-in service for Asylum guests who are struggling with mental health. It is open 365 days a year from 2pm-10pm for anyone over. Their address is Brent Hub Community Enterprise Centre, 6 Hillside, NW10 8BN. Email them on or ring 07469856963

If you would like to self-refer to NHS services for talking therapies

For young people seeking mental health support visit

For general health information and self-care advice visit

Access free dental services

To find local urgent and emergency care services and learn how and when to use them please read here

If you are experiencing a severe mental health crisis please call 0800 0234 650

Refugee Action

Refugees At Home

Support from the Government